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Yet Another Proven Video Promotion Strategy

"Search engine bots love informative fresh content. When it comes to informative content, the 'How To' type instructional content are the ones that the bots consider as valuable information". The proven success of Search Engine Optimization through informative "How To" articles work well with video promotion too. In fact "How To" video promotion is much more effective than the similar article marketing.

What Is a "How To" Video?

"How To" videos are nothing but informative videos that follow the title that starts with "How To". The videos can be DIY guides or any other informative "How To" type of content.

The HowViD strategy

As already said, "How To" type of content is considered to be the most informative ones by the search engine bots. You will be well aware of search engine optimization’s Mantra that "You gotta feed the bots with what they like". The same Mantra applies for online video promotion as well. "How To" videos attract the search engine bots and such videos get indexed instantly. HowViD video promotion strategy can make the online videos appear in the top pages of the search engine results for any competitive keyword. If the video is highly interesting and resourceful, your brand gets great credibility. As the videos will be linked back to your website, there will be a huge increase of targeted traffic to your website as well.

This Video Promotion Strategy Works Because

  • Search engine bots love the "How To" concept
  • Online surfers love the "How To" concept as well
  • "How To" videos are interesting by itself and have the tendency to lure audience
  • Online surfers are impatient to read lengthy articles whereas they welcome "How To" videos
  • Producing a "How To" video is very much affordable and easy if creativity flows through your veins.

How Does HowViD Work?

The strategy is to distribute the "How To" type of informative videos to the TOP 10 EXCLUSIVE "HOW TO" VIDEO SITES. The videos will be linked back to your website through proper usage of attractive unique descriptions. As the videos get indexed by the search engines, there will be flow of viewers to the video which in turn converts into targeted traffic to your website.

What If Creativity Is Not in your Veins?

We Create the "How To" Videos Too

You don’t have to stay back of this great video promotion strategy only because you don’t have a "How To" Video.’s team of professional Video Creation experts can create simple, interesting and resource-worthy "How To" video videos for you. All you have to do is to provide us the keywords. We will have the "How To" video created, distributed and ready to attract the audience.

So are you waiting till your competitor finds us and extracts the ROI of this proven video promotion strategy?

Order HowViD


The best video promotion strategy using the “How To” concept loved by the search engine bots

  • Creation of interesting “How To” video by trained professionals in video creation (Optional)
  • Manual Submission of the “How To” video to 10 exclusive “How To” video directories like Howcast, instructables
  • Boosting the views of the “How To” videos with exclusive video bookmarking

Service Code: HVID
Rate : $39


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