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Search Engines Bots Trust Humans

We are living in a faced paced world and yes, we need everything to be fast. The same applies to video promotion as well and that is the reason why many of them choose automated software for video submission. While video submission through automated software takes a burden off your shoulders, you forget to realize the fact that your videos are just wasted because of improper submissions into irrelevant categories, with improper tags and descriptions. Search engines can easily identify automated video submission and blacklist the submissions as well. So if you are taking all these risks because you don’t have enough time to submit videos to the video sites, we have plenty of time and a perfect solution for you. We have a highly efficient team of manual video submission experts who are capable of distributing your video to top 50 video sites in just a day.

Boost the views of the videos with targeted audience

You can leave it to the experts to get targeted audience for your videos. We don’t just stop with distributing the videos to the top 50 video sites. We promote the videos with the proven video promotion strategy "Video Bookmarking". Your videos will be bookmarked in top 40 exclusive video bookmarking sites manually. So you don’t have to find audience for the play, the audience will find you.

What Is Special With Video Submission through

We are a team of dedicated video promotion professionals with ages of experience on SEO and SMO. Understanding the importance of manual submission process, our video submission is made very special with:

  • 100% Manual Video Submission
  • Accounts at top 50 video sites created for free
  • Quickest turnaround time for manual video submission
  • Not just submitting the videos, but promotion them to get more audience as well
  • Well detailed reports that confirm the proper submission of the videos in the correct category with proper tags and descriptions.
  • Flexible pricing based on the size of the video to be distributed

Order Video Submission to 50 popular sites

Video Submission to 50 popular sites - below 5 MB

Manual video distribution to popular video distribution websites like youtube, dailymotion and vimeo.

Project Duration: We will distribute your video to 50 popular video distribution sites in just 7 working days.

Videos distributed with the relevant content into the best suited categories.

Service Code: VDS50
Rate : 29
Select The Video File Size


Order Video Submission to 25 popular sites

Video Submission to 25 popular sites - below 5 MB

Manual Submission of low budget videos to 25 popular video distribution sites at an affordable price.

Project Duration: Submit your video and start to get more viewers to your video in just 4 working days.

Affordable option for low budget videos.
Submissions done with relevant video content in the best suited category.

Service Code: VDS25
Rate : 15
Select The Video File Size


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