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Online Videos – Not Dedicated For Global audience

"I run a local business and how does online video promotion help me get local customers/ clients? Isn’t video promotion exclusively to gain global online visibility?"

"No", online video promotion is vital for local businesses than the online businesses and services that seek Global audience. Here is why local business online video promotion "BizVid" is very much important for getting more sales/ clients to your local business

The Real Power Of BizVid

  • Compared with the of traditional advertising in newspapers and television channels, online video promotion for local businesses have more than 40% higher conversion rates (This is due to the trend change from conventional media to the online videos).
  • Online video promotion is the best strategy to build online presence of local businesses.
  • Local business online video promotion “BizVid” is proven to work for local business even without a website.
  • Local businesses with websites can generate a flow of targeted traffic to the website
  • Bizvid can highlight your local business in the online maps. This makes your local business visible to users of the modern GPS.
  • Best strategy to announce special offers and discounts in your local business.

"BizVid gets you the best ROI than spending thousands of dollars on a 40 seconds commercial during a new break in conventional television"

You will be well aware of the fact that for any local business to survive the fierce competition, they have to mark their presence online. BizVideo lets your business gain sales, credibility and brand recognition through the proven video promotion strategy for local businesses.

What Is done In BizVid

  • Create a product/ service portfolio video with inclusion of one stock video footage and background theme music.
  • Local Business Listing in online maps such as Google maps, bing maps etc along with the addition of product portfolio video (created by
  • The product/ service portfolio video will be distributed to the top 50 video distribution sites as well. (will be linked back to the online map listing)
  • The distributed video will be optimized for search engine visibility by applying exclusive video bookmarking
  • The product/ service portfolio video will be shared to 42 top social media sites.

Order BizVid


Know what you get

Creation of a unique video (2-3 minutes) using your product/ service images with custom background music and voice over.

Inclusion of the video in the popular local business listing sites like Google maps, bing maps and info USA

Manual distribution of the product video to 50 popular video sharing sites with links back to the local business listing

Adding promotion of the video with video bookmarking

Video posted to unique, 25 social shopping video sites

Service Code: BIZVID
Rate : $79


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